Saturday, March 27, 2010

Crying People, Security, Teeth, Awesome...


Lots has happened in the three months since I posted, I went on a road trip to Waterloo with a bunch of moderately cool people, I went on another road trip to Toronto with more moderately cool people, and also my Wisdom teeth are being stupid and I hate them forever.

First, Waterloo. A bunch of my buddies and I were going down to Waterloo to see Tuesdays with Morrie. George and I shared a car, thankfully nobody else was there, considering that we started singing spontaneously to Journey and Queen.

George really enjoys speeding, while Google Maps said that the trip would take approximately two and a half hours, we got to Waterloo in, like... an hour... it was awesome.

The play was being put on at Wilfrid Laurier University, which made me particularly happy because that's where a certain awesome person goes to school. Do you know who that is? FREAKING TONY DOOM! Yuss, that's right, we reunited for the first time since high school, it was great!

So after Tony arrived we all went to see the play, it was a low budget performance but it had very talented actors.

When it was over, I looked at my entire group and noticed that they were all crying, except for me. Steve took the liberty to tell me that I had the emotional range of a teaspoon. So after I spent around and hour wondering if I'm a robot or not, we loaded back into our cars and drove home.

So that was Waterloo, now I want to share my trip to Toronto.

Last weekend I went to the Art Gallery of Ontario with a classmate of mine and a couple of her friends, it didn't take me long to get approached by Security.

So, I was in the Renaissance section taking pictures of Jesus and some Security guy comes up behind me, this is the conversation I had with him, near verbatim:

Security: Sir, I'm sorry but photography isn't allowed.
Me: It's ok, there's no flash, it won't ruin it.
Security: No, it's a copyright issue.
Me: ...Sir, it's Jesus. You can't copyright Jesus.
Security: The artwork cannot be photo-
Me: (I place my hand on his shoulder) Jesus is for everyone...
Security: Sir, stop taking pictures, or you will be escorted out of the building.
Me: ...fine.

After that, I went around and saw a lot of great artworks.

I saw Massacre of the Innocents by Rubens, Adam and The Thinker by Rodin, but the reason I was there was to see the Tutankhamen exhibit.

They didn't have the actual Mummy there, but they had a large amount of treasure from his tomb, including his Death Mask...

So that was fun, I got my Mom a present and I have yet to give it to her. I'll give you, the reader, a hint as to what it is...

It's a Gun.

Wow, I kind of gave that away. Geez...


So a few days ago, my Wisdom teeth started giving me trouble, the gum came off the top of one of them and it's just flappin' around in there like a flappy gum. I went to the Dentist and I was told that I have an abscess in the Wisdom Tooth the bottom two are impacted. So I'm probably gonna have to have them removed soon, until then I am gargling with Saltwater and hating every second of it. Saltwater is nasty.

So that's the update, I'll probably update when I get my Wisdom teeth pulled and want to whine about not being able to talk.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Apple does it again...

Well folks, Apple has brought out the big Game-changer, they took those preconceived notions of serious computing and threw it on the GROUND!

It turns out that all the rumors circulating across the internets were correct! Apple has announced their brand new tablet PC, the iPad! And I could not be more excited over this entirely original and game-changing announcement. It changes games, I tell you!

This is indeed an important time for the entire world, as this is the only dedicated tablet available to the general pub- oh wait...

Hang on, let me try that again...

Ok. Well, let's see here. Ah! Here we go, the iPad is running Mac OSX "Snow Leopard," just like the iMac! So you'll be able to install all your favorite programs and edit office documents, and all kinds of thin- wait... You know what? Let's just look at the features of the new iPad and we'll let it speak for me.

The following paragraphs were taken directly from the Apple website... kind of...


Safari — an advanced web browser designed for Mac and PC computers — also comes on iPad. Just connect to a Wi-Fi network, and you can use Safari for nearly everything you do using a web browser on a computer. In fact, web pages look exactly the same on iPad touch as they do on your computer.


Email on iPad looks and acts just like email on your computer. View your messages in rich HTML, including attachments. Mail recognizes file types such as .doc, .jpg, .mp3, and many others. And setting up Mail is easy because iPad automatically enters settings for popular accounts including Gmail, MobileMe, Yahoo!, AOL, and Microsoft Exchange.


Know where you are and where you’re going with Maps on iPad. If you’re connected to a wireless network, you can find your location and get a list of turn-by-turn directions. Maps also finds points of interest from a keyword search. Say you and your friends have a craving for pizza. Tap Search, type in “pizza,” and Maps shows you restaurants nearby.


Part of what makes iPad so amazing is that iTunes is literally at your fingertips. A Wi-Fi connection and a quick tap are all it takes to get instant access to millions of songs and thousands of movies and TV shows. Not to mention applications, audiobooks, and free podcasts and iTunes U lectures. Preview and buy that album you’ve been wanting. Rent that film everyone raved about, or make it part of your collection. iTunes on iPad is your doorway to endless entertainment possibilities.

Ok, hang on a second... I'm just gonna stop there. I feel like I've seen this before... but just smaller for some reason. Eh, maybe I'm just a little tired. I'm going to go lay down, maybe I'll come to my senses when I wake up.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, new... stuff...

Eeeeeyup. It's a new year, not just any new year though, it's the tenth year after all the computers in the world borked. Now under the rule of an army of Sentient Mutant Toothbrushes, a few brave souls still send messages from the dark abyss that we were banished to by the Iron-fisted Colgates (the Bolsheviks of hygiene), these brave souls are known as Bloggers. Are our messages heard by others? We do not know, but still we press on, working laptops at the ready, with the drive and ability to blog about important things like... toothbrushes.

But I digress...

So! 2010, Two-thousand ten, how about that. Some of you who are still new to awesomeness still pronounce it that way. However, friends, I must urge you all to join this radical new movement, and not radical in the traditional sense, but radical in the sense that what I'm about to tell is like, totally rad, bro.

We must all pronounce 2010 "Twenty-ten." Why do this? Well, for one it's awesome. It sounds futuristic! It sounds like we all have future cars and eat future food, and give future high-fives. FROM THE FUTURRRRRE!

For further reasoning, I direct your attention to this comic by the great K.C. Green (Mom, Dad, don't read his comics):

Click for a bigger version

I feel futuristic already, like I'm in a dystopian future where I'm a rogue blogger on the run from the Toothbrush Future-Police. I don't know why I'm talking about toothbrushes, and I apologize for that.

I'm gonna lay down now.

Monday, December 21, 2009

I remember when I used to post here!

I once walked through these dusty halls quite frequently, but now after nearly a month of school trying to make my head go "big boom," I find it necessary to remind my single digit viewer count that I am still alive, and though I would kick, I don't feel like it right now.

Last Thursday marked the last day of my third semester at College, so now I have three weeks with which to bother everyone with my ramblings, doesn't that sound like fun?


So! AVATAR! How about those Avatars, eh? Those guys are pretty cool, what with their blue skin and their Dragons... yeah. I saw the movie on opening night last Friday, thankfully not in a certain theatre I spoke of before. Personally, I think that this movie is on par with the likes of the original Star Wars Trilogy. It was awesome.

Moving on, we here at BN are from the Great Nation of Canuckistan, which means lots of snow yeah? WRONG! There is almost no snow on the ground. This combined with the fact that I just started my Christmas break last Thursday, I find it very hard to get into the Holiday Spirit which makes James a sad Panda...

The saddest of Pandas
But that's ok! You go ahead and enjoy your holiday. I'll be here, all alone, by myself.

Sad Panda.

Well, I can't really think of anything else to write about, play me out, Flight of the Conchords!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Apparently folks, I am a Hero, and Swedish.

How 'bout that...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Together again...

This smell... it smells familiar. It smells like Internet! Come to me, friend, we shall party 'til we're purple!

Some of you may know that I recently had hardware problems involving my Laptop's AC adapter, 'twas a cold Thursday evening in my Oracle SQL class and my vulcanized adapter was loosing it's vulcanny grip upon the cable that connected to my laptop allowing it to charge. Eventually through the class I realized I was running off of battery power and the cable had shorted out.

So by this time, I was all like...

I was rocked to my very core. It was like I tripped on the sidewalk, and then a Hobo came up and took my pants, and then another Hobo came up and kicked my in my bathing suit area, and then I got a ticket from the Police for indecent exposure, and then my Mom had to bring me a fresh pair of pants but she yelled out "I love you, my little Bubala" in the middle of the jail. My prisoner buddies laughed at me... especially the Jewish ones.

So I have gone for around a week without Lil' Jim to comfort me from the cold harsh unfeeling World around me, but I still had hope! I had... Lil' lil' Jim. My iPod. He had access to the internet for a short while, until he eventually ran out of battery to the point where he couldn't even play music.

I had only one connection to the internet left, and luckily for me it was entirely self sufficient, it had it's own charging cable and everything, it didn't require my laptop for power. I am talking about my trusty Nintendo DS. Unfortunately for me, the DS browser is like the Eragon movie. It's not very good. At all.

So! Eventually my new Adapter came in the mail since Staples doesn't sell it anymore, I plug it in and it works! So now I'm all like...

Ah, my Internets have come back to me.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New banner is new...

Not much to post today. New banner, Tony and I are diligently working on the Windows 7 review, we'll get that to you when we can.