Saturday, January 30, 2010

Apple does it again...

Well folks, Apple has brought out the big Game-changer, they took those preconceived notions of serious computing and threw it on the GROUND!

It turns out that all the rumors circulating across the internets were correct! Apple has announced their brand new tablet PC, the iPad! And I could not be more excited over this entirely original and game-changing announcement. It changes games, I tell you!

This is indeed an important time for the entire world, as this is the only dedicated tablet available to the general pub- oh wait...

Hang on, let me try that again...

Ok. Well, let's see here. Ah! Here we go, the iPad is running Mac OSX "Snow Leopard," just like the iMac! So you'll be able to install all your favorite programs and edit office documents, and all kinds of thin- wait... You know what? Let's just look at the features of the new iPad and we'll let it speak for me.

The following paragraphs were taken directly from the Apple website... kind of...


Safari — an advanced web browser designed for Mac and PC computers — also comes on iPad. Just connect to a Wi-Fi network, and you can use Safari for nearly everything you do using a web browser on a computer. In fact, web pages look exactly the same on iPad touch as they do on your computer.


Email on iPad looks and acts just like email on your computer. View your messages in rich HTML, including attachments. Mail recognizes file types such as .doc, .jpg, .mp3, and many others. And setting up Mail is easy because iPad automatically enters settings for popular accounts including Gmail, MobileMe, Yahoo!, AOL, and Microsoft Exchange.


Know where you are and where you’re going with Maps on iPad. If you’re connected to a wireless network, you can find your location and get a list of turn-by-turn directions. Maps also finds points of interest from a keyword search. Say you and your friends have a craving for pizza. Tap Search, type in “pizza,” and Maps shows you restaurants nearby.


Part of what makes iPad so amazing is that iTunes is literally at your fingertips. A Wi-Fi connection and a quick tap are all it takes to get instant access to millions of songs and thousands of movies and TV shows. Not to mention applications, audiobooks, and free podcasts and iTunes U lectures. Preview and buy that album you’ve been wanting. Rent that film everyone raved about, or make it part of your collection. iTunes on iPad is your doorway to endless entertainment possibilities.

Ok, hang on a second... I'm just gonna stop there. I feel like I've seen this before... but just smaller for some reason. Eh, maybe I'm just a little tired. I'm going to go lay down, maybe I'll come to my senses when I wake up.


  1. Hey Jamie.......LIke that review....the question is when is Blurghnation going to finally join the Apple cult? What about RIM? Are we working there for the summer?

  2. I don't know anything about the Co-op placement yet, I have to turn in the application and even then it's not probably since the College told us about our Co-op insanely late. RIM is already making their selections. I'm still hopeful though!